images soon! frightmare's SCAREcrow: sold
used for letting people know when the haunt will open. one side of the sign reads: Opens October 13th! while letting people know when the haunt opens the other side reads: Closed untill dark! the sign hangs from a black pvc chain and is reversible when need be. the scarecrow is on a post that can either be set in ground or an optional base could be made to support. this prop is 100% handmade from frightmare productions and was a croud favorite the past 2 seasons of use! the scarecrow was made with monster mud and very durrable. it is painted with a brown undercoat and detailed with green and black to give it a 'rotten' look. the head of the scarecrow is a pumpkin face highly detailed to fit the theme of the rest of the body. the face lights up with a small lightbulb (included). (requires AC power)
images soon! 6L x 2W(ft) toe pincher style coffin: sold
this toe pincher coffin is old and tattered. the paint sceme is flat black with a white trim board aplied to one side (visiable side) this coffin was used inside the church covering the lower opening (for quick access to underneith the coffin) the sides have installed handle hardware for the look of an old stlye coffin. the inside is draped with cloth and included is one(1) foam dummy w/mask.
images soon! 2" thick concrete tombstones (4 available): sold
these bad boys are HEAVY! like back in the day when all they had for a headstone was a stone shaped into something these tombstones are PERFECT for that old graveyard feel. each tombtone was casted from concrete and rebar was used for added strength. 3 of the tombstones are the old style look and the 4th tombstone has the stone w/cross look. each stone weighs atleast 60+ lbs. these are extremely real looking! each stone is also etched with a name and date. if you were to walk into the woods and come across an old cemetery these would be the tombstones you would see.